Remembering God EX The Fall (Android, iOS and Windows 10)

Remembering God EX The Fall (Android, iOS and Windows 10)

The Pocket Gamer Channel posted an excellent video of a classic mobile shooting game, Deus Ex: The Fall. Game divided opinions, where there are those who like the command scheme, there are those who hate.

In The Fall, you control BenSaxon, a mercenary who is a former SAS member. Just like the protagonist of the game for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, Saxon also had his body modified and was forced to live with remedies to support the cybernetic implants. Well, Saxon fights to fight tyrants who threaten all society with “Modified” human beings.

Check out the video:

Link to download from Google PlayGod EX The Fall is also on promotion on iOS but is available on foreign App Stores. The game is also on Steam.

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