Red Siren Space Defense – Offline game with 3D ships

Red Siren: Space Defense is a game of ships with very beautiful 3D graphics. With a gameplay resembles a little Choplifter III, but with more focus on the casual. Simple, direct and offline fun.

Game description in app stores:

We are in 2138, the raw material resources on Earth have been exhausted. With the support of civil society, private companies colonized neighboring planets and used their natural sources. As mining technology is not attainable for everyone, many people are organized into groups and begin to plunder the planets. In response, Exacorp established the Red Siren squad to fight off invaders. As a young soldier of the Red Siren you have to defend the bases and fight against the attackers who want to win at all costs …


Red Siren: Space Defense is a space war game with futuristic robots, tanks, ships and battle machines! Enjoy the incredible visuals, realistic effects, exciting battles, challenging missions! Discover marvelous planets, defend the base building and destroy all enemy robots! Unlock new levels in four different worlds, try all ships, weapons and upgrade them to be a true robot destroyer! Try to demolish all your enemies as fast as you can, perform missions to win prizes! In this battle from outside the world you can fight tanks, walkers and flying robots, warplanes, a lot of enemies with different weapons and missiles! Get all ships and various weapons and upgrade them to knock enemies to the ground!


Key Features: 
– Impressive graphic and visual effects 
– Lots of mechanics and robots 
– Multifarious ships 
– Various categories of weapons – Superb visuals


– Try out various weapons and upgrade your fav to the highest level 
– Complete missions to receive rewards 
– Dodge enemy ships and attack them back 
– Do not be an easy target: keep your ship in motion forever!

Download Link on iPhone and ipad

Download Link on Android

Developer: Istom Games Kft. 
Advertising: Yes | Game Offline 
Contains purchases: Yes 
Requires Android 4.1 / iOS 9.0 
Language: English | Size: 150 MB

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