Rebirth M: Open world game is released on Android and iOS

Rebirth M: Open world game is released on Android and iOS

The open world MMORPG RebirthM has just arrived in Google Play and the App Store, even before the long-awaited global release. The game is available for download on Android (already released in Brazil) and iOS (iPhone and iPad).

Developed by South Korean studio Caret Games, the fantasy adventure that awaits you is a mobile-built MMO from scratch, and promises to offer a scope and narrative weight similar to the similar ones present on the PC.

The look is impressive with jaw-dropping graphics. Light effects and stunning shade with HDR right. But who has weak cell phone will also have fun, because the game has configurations that make smartphones little powerful, compatible.

Rebirth M: Open world game is released on Android and iOS

RebirthM celebrates MMORPG traditions with a focus on missions, cooperative dungeon attacks and battles against epic bosses. There are also PvP competitions if you prefer a confrontation against other players.

It’s an action-oriented experience that aims to put the claw in the sword, allowing players to accelerate to level 100 right from the start, and there is no progression limit from there.

Outside of combat, players will find plenty to look after, from setting up a guild to caring for pets and mounts, and those who download the game at launch will have a chance to win exclusive bonuses.

RebirthM is available for download now on the Google Play BR and App Store (not yet), and Caret Games has promised to release it in other territories soon. Although the page is in Korean, the game is all in English. For more updates, be sure to check out the official Facebook page in the game.

Google Play (ANDROID):

App Store (iPhone):

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