Razer Phone 2 has arrived … but is it worth it?

Razer Phone 2 has arrived ... but is it worth it?

Following the official announcement of the Razer Phone 2, the Android smartphone has finally been revealed, and is now available for purchase. With improvements compared to its predecessor, the device remains impracticable for the Brazilian market with a direct conversion price of around R $ 4 thousand.

It’s such a machine. Snapdragon 845, 5.7-inch screen, 120hz screen upgrade, HDR support and more. However, if you expect to outperform other 845 snap, forget it.

Even the Steam Cooling Chamber does not seem to justify the price of the smartphone compared to other attempts already existing as Xiaomi with Black Shark.

Razer Phone 2 has arrived ... but is it worth it?
120hz screen remains the main attraction of the Razer Phone 2.

Yes, it’s an amazing machine with top-notch audio and screen. But the price of $ 800 dollars + taxes + fees, can make the device easily pass the $ 4,700 dollars.

Price is the main problem of the Razer Phone 2

Putting it on the same level as other imported smartphones, the appeal disappears. You can buy a Pocophone F1,  which has the same processor, for half the price.

Let’s say you’re a bit more demanding. A One Plus 6 with 128 GB of internal space and 8 GB of RAM, the top of the line, would still cost a thousand reais cheaper than the Razer Phone.

There are even cheaper options in Brazil, such as the Galaxy S9 Plus, which is already priced in the range of R $ 3,200.

Anyway, the Razer Phone 2 is an incredible machine, but before the competition in the market, it would be better if Razer has delayed the device and waited for the Snapdragon 855. The new processor arrives very soon and by the end of the year we should see some new smartphone with it.

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