Rangers of Oblivion: How to Download and Play (APK)

Rangers of Oblivion: How to Download and Play (APK)

Rangers of Oblivion is in open beta testing on Android and iOS. This game in Chinese is in tests in the west, with right to translation into English. Here’s how to download APK and play right now!

The galera really liked was to create Geralt from The Witcher. We can already expect someone shouting “The Witcher Mobile saiuuu”. The sword fighting style is very reminiscent of the PC game and consoles.

But seriously, one of the top quality of Rangers of Oblivion is the absence of automatic battles. A relief, so far I have not found, it may have in the future. At the same time, this absence of automatic fighting is an invitation for players to get to know the game’s system of skills and combos.

Link to Download Direct from Official Website

How to Play Rangers of Oblivion

The game works just like any other MMORPG for Android. Although it contains some options still in Chinese, the game is in final process of translation into English.

Soon after starting the game, you need to choose the login form. You can link to your Facebook account.

Rangers of Oblivion: How to Download and Play (APK)

Just touch the Facebook icon to log in.

Now just enjoy the game. If you do not speak English, Rangers of Oblivion is a very easy game to play. Just like in many MMOs, simply tap the links on the left to be routed to the mission. So far I have not found an option for automatic battles.

Images of the game (if you are reading the malware by the app, open the site).

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