PUBK Mobile Star Challenge: BRK to Represent Brazil in the World Final

PUBK Mobile Star Challenge: BRK to Represent Brazil in the World Final

The BRK eSports was the champion in the final of the South American championship, PUBG Mobile Star Challenge . The team formed by the Brazilian youtubers ” Baraka Games “, Jesley ” Caveirinha ” Gomes; and pro-players “FUSI” and “ZOD” will represent our country in the final face-to-face in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

In addition to a paid trip to the final in Dubai, the champion team had the highest prize of $ 20,000 (around R $ 79,000). The second place was with Destined2Rise that earned R $ 58 thousand, and thirdly, Youtube4Gaming that earned R $ 39 thousand.

The team made up of Baraka and company was not the favorite to win the tournament. In fact, the team did not go well in the qualifying and casual stages, which happened months ago. Through a vote inside the Mobile game PUBG, was that the team came back, and showed the one that came.

When the championship was “really good”, BRK Sports showed a lot of skill and disenchanted in the final matches. The team avoided unnecessary exchanges and attacked opponents while they were distracted by striking out other players. In addition, the team improved their position very well, knowing “rotating” and avoided being disadvantaged in the final “safes”.

One of the most entertaining moves of the championship was the final match, where “Caveirinha” started up an opponent team with only one Micro UZI, and knocked out three opponents. The aggressiveness of BRK Sports guaranteed victory in the championship with 2855 points in total. The Baraka player came second as “gunner of the kills”.

Watch the final moments of the championship (just turn the video to watch all the matches).

Where to follow the World Championship Final of PUBG Mobile?

The world championship final of PUBG Mobile can be watched by the official channel of the game on Youtube and VersusBrasil on Twitch.

You can follow the preparation of BRK eSports athletes on their Youtube channels.

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