PUBG Mobile: What’s New in the 0.6.0 Update

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PUBG Mobile, from Google Play and App Store, must be updated at any time to version 0.6.0. In addition to the highly anticipated first-person mode (FPP), the game brings news such as new menus, weapons skins and more.

The update is scheduled to happen on days 19 (Android) to June 25 (iOS) . Below you can see all the news of this long-awaited update.

What’s New in PUBG Mobile’s 0.6.0 Update

The 0.6.0 update of PUBG Mobile overcame some new features compared to version 0.6.1 of the Chinese version. The Western version, for example, has already brought the gestures feature (emojis) and some are already available to players.

The western version also brought the exclusive mode to the FPP (first person) that in the Chinese version, was in tests and arrived only in version 0.7.1.

In version 0.6.0, it is already possible to face a mode where all opponents will only be in first person. The mode is just below the “Start Game” button. Just switch to “1st Person” to play exclusively in this mode of vision.

Already in the “3rd person” mode, that is, the original mode of vision. So far, you have not gained the first-person camera option during this mode. Unlike the Chinese version, it allows you to change your vision at any time.

Another new feature was the skins of weapons. Several weapons have gained skins that can be purchased or unlocked in the game.

The Latin American server seems to have been upgraded as well and has greatly decreased ping (which was relatively high in recent days).

The game also won a “Royale pass”. It is a season pass where the player gains many advantages as exclusive clothes and double in XP to level up faster. It is worth remembering that all this is merely cosmetic.

Finally the “Create Room” option will be available for more players. It will be possible to buy or acquire “room cards” that guarantee the creation of rooms to play with only guests.

PUBG Mobile: What's New in the 0.6.0 Update

What was left out of the update

So far no 3X and 6X looks, but that may change with a small update (of those that happen inside the game itself).

Many gestures present in the Chinese versions of Timi and LightSpeed are not yet present. They can also arrive without needing the game to update version.

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