PUBG Mobile was Downloaded 34 Million Times in 13 days

PUBG Mobile was Downloaded 34 Million Times in 13 days

Launched on March 19th, that is, a month away, it’s still early to say how successful PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is on mobile. But according to Sensor Tower data, only in the last 13 days of March, PUBG Mobile (western version) was downloaded no less than 34 million times.

There were 19 million downloads on Android and 15 million downloads on iOS. An overwhelming success. Something of the same level of the Pokémon GO fever that has hit the world almost leaves our beloved site off the air.

PUBG Mobile is Absolute Success!

For those who think this success is normal, know that is not exactly so. If a game records at least 2 million downloads on Google Play or the App Store in a single month, it is already a guaranteed success. PUBG Mobile recorded the amazing brand with only 13 days in the air.

It is also worth remembering that the numbers are only of the western version, not counting the two Chinese versions. Recently, PUBG Mobile received update 0.4.0 that brought a lot of news, but players are still waiting for the new map, present only in the Chinese versions.

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