PUBG Mobile Update: Check out what’s New in Version 0.4.0

PUBG Mobile Available on Android and iOS in Spain! Download Now!

PUBG Mobile has just been updated on Android (iOS will be coming soon). Version 0.4.0 comes to the west bringing many new features such as: shooting range, twilight setting, new Arcade mode and more.

The new Arcade mode (up to 28 players)

PUBG Mobile Update: Check out what's New in Version 0.4.0

As we discussed in our podcast, PUBG Mobile is an excellent game, but it may not fit all tastes by having too long matches (some lasts up to 30 minutes). To lighten up, LightSpeed added the Arcade mode.

In this mode, only 28 players will fall only on a small area of the map, with much higher loot. Mode concentrates the fun as if it were in the final moments of a match.

In the Brazilian version, the mode earned the strange nickname “Arcade” mode. Arcade mode can be played in either Solo, Duo or Squad.

Arcade mode comes to compete directly with similar Battle Royale games that offer something like Free Fire and Last Battlegrounds. Faster fun, with starts around 10 minutes.

Shooting Range (Training Ground)

PUBG Mobile Update: Check out what's New in Version 0.4.0

The shooting booth present in the Chinese version of the game has just arrived in the western version. Players can test all weapons completely free.

Within the Shooting Booth there is no competition, players only test the weapons, sights, pieces of weapons and so on.

The Shooting Booth can be accessed in the “training” option, located at the bottom of the screen.

Parachute tracking command

PUBG Mobile Update: Check out what's New in Version 0.4.0

Another novelty of the game is the command to follow other players. This automatic feature allows you to choose which friend to follow during a duo or squad match. So both will fall into the same place and the squad will be reunited.

Other changes

  • Cars now have the “Speed Up” option that works like a Nitro.
  • Adds the option to open ports automatically.

What was left out?

The Chinese version of PUBG Mobile is always ahead of the West. The reason is simple: they test the news first in the Chinese versions.

The map of the desert (Miramar) has not yet come. It is expected to arrive along with version 0.5.0. The varied climates we see in the version of Timi Studio are not yet present in the new update.

If you have the desire to know the news before everyone, we advise you to download the Chinese versions.

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