PUBG Mobile (TIMI) turned “Fortnite”? Game adds constructs!

PUBG Mobile (TIMI) turned "Fortnite"? Game adds constructs!

The TIMI Studio’s PUBG Mobile, added in its latest update, news that have divided opinions. The game went to a more “futuristic” side with unusual features such as holograms, shields, traps and more. In fact, it all resembles its biggest competitor: Fortnite.

Check out a list with all the news below:
  • Stone Camouflage
  • Shrub Camouflage
  • Hologram of your avatar
  • Explosive Trap (Mine)
  • Electrical Trap
  • Structure to reach high places (turned Fortnite?)
  • Shield mountable (fixed to ground)
  • Shield to load
  • Deathcam replay

Literally, Timi added two constructions: the mountable shield and the platform to reach high places. Both items are consumable.

Until then, the TIMI version of PUBG Mobile has been as a preview of what would arrive in the version of Google Play and App Store (LightSpeed).

Fortunately, the new items are available only through a new game mode: “Tactical Master”.

The novelties are interesting from the point of view of development and ideas, but it sounds completely strange to a franchise that always prized for an unmatched realism (taking the fact of the blue zone).

And you, how did you like this news? Should they be implemented in the current version on Google Play and the App Store? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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