PUBG Mobile: The Update News 0.8.0 (Lightspeed)

PUBG Mobile: The Update News 0.8.0 (Lightspeed)

Lightspeed & Quantum Studio has it all. In China, the beta test of version 0.8.0 of PUBG Mobile is already rolling, which brings, among other novelties, the Sanhok map. The game is the same from Google Play and App Store BR, and is in Chinese, but it is playable from Brazil.

Version 0.8.0 introduces the map Sanhok, the new map of the PC version, is already in tests on Lightspeed (before it was only in Timi’s version). This demonstrates a close proximity between the development of the desktop version and the mobile versions that usually receive updates even before the Xbox One.

The Lightspeed version has a greater wealth of detail, with much more vegetation. The 0.8.0 update also brought the first-person view mode to the vehicles. In the Western version 0.6.0, when you enter a vehicle, the camera switches to the third person.

The new QBZ weapon, an assault rifle that resembles Groza and AUG, is also available. This new rifle appears in great quantity in the Sanhok map, since in the plot of PUBG Mobile, the map is located in Asia and the QBZ rifle has Chinese manufacture.

But the news of the 0.8.0 update of PUBG Mobile was not restricted to the new map. Who enjoys playing in Miramar, will notice a new car in the piece, the “Mirado” convertible.

Video of the channel King Lagarto.

The update maintains a feature that, in the Chinese versions of PUBG Mobile, has been available since version We’re talking about the ability to switch from third to first person at any time in third person mode. In version 0.6.0 of Google Play and App Store, the feature was missing.

The news is restricted to who owns a cell phone number from China. So it’s no use asking for an APK link. But you can wait to test first if you download the APK from the games directly from Tencent’s official website. Links below.

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