PUBG Mobile: The Best Tips for Beginners

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Check out 7 tips to get it right on PUBG Mobile ( Android and iOS ). See how to survive for longer, shoot better and help your team get full until the end of the game.

1 – If you are to play in squad mode, save time and battery

One of the most disappointing things for anyone who is getting started in PUBG Mobile is to see their buddies get out of the game. This is symbolized by a symbol with a dash next to the player’s name.

Leaving the comrades in your hand is a very annoying and amateurish thing. So if you do not have time to play PUBG Mobile, you just want to shoot a few shots, play solo mode.

2 – Setting the controls in PUBG Mobile is essential

First of all, set the controls on PUBG Mobile and adjust for the best convenience during matches. Something that I hear the most is accidental shots by my team. A lot of people slide their finger to move the camera, and they just touch the shooting button on the right side of the screen.

Avoid accidental shots on PUBG Mobile.

Adjust the control so that the shooting button is slightly higher. This gives you better screen space, and you can move the camera more easily.

3 – Learn to aim and shoot

A lot of people usually shoot, without triggering the sights. This may be fine, but only at close range. In the average and long distance, the use of the crosshairs is essential. At this time, the important thing is to do everything quickly.

Look with your thumb on the right side of the screen and shoot with your left thumb.

Train to aim and shoot with speed on PUBG Mobile. Use the other shooting button (the one on the left of the screen), as you take your right finger off the screen, then press the shot (right button), you can change the scope slightly.

When firing with the aim of the shot, make simple shots (in the single shot mode of each weapon) or small “sprays” of 3 shots. The only one saw you? You know, right? Time to move, do not stand still for a long time shooting. Nothing to keep shooting in the middle of the street or in places you can easily be seen.

4 – Play PUBG Mobile with Headphones

One of the worst things in PUBG Mobile is that players play with the microphone on and without headphones. It has become a mess because the sound of the game reverberates in the microphone itself.

Spare your team from this suffering. Play with headphones and speak only the essentials.

Nutella is optional, but playing with a headset is essential.

In addition to helping your team, headphones help you hear shots and footsteps, even before they appear on the map (proximity sensor of PUBG Mobile).

5 – It can be “zé looting”, but with

Looting, or collecting items, is one of the main activities in PUBG Mobile. A good tip is to get the pieces and ammunition of your favorite weapons. Among the best weapons in the game are the M416 and AKM rifle. The munitions of these weapons are also used in snipers like Mini and Kar98. Therefore, whenever possible collect 5.56mm ammunition (famous green bullet) and 7.62m.

Collect the best items, but be sure to manage your backpack on PUBG Mobile.

Another good tip is to collect the pieces of the best weapons. So you do not have to wait to have the gun, only to collect the pieces later. Without a gun, the game will not automatically collect sights, backs and silent beaks. Make your selection of items and do not wait for automatic loot in PUBG Mobile. Items like 4X, 8X sight, rifle/sniper muffler, rifle parts, and snipers have highly sought after.

Do not know which are the best weapons of PUBG Mobile? Check out our special post about them.

As said on the topic, you can be “zé looting”, but stay tuned to go to a safe zone and not die for gas/electricity.

6 – Watch your surroundings

Despite being a game of shooting, survival is essential in PUBG Mobile. Use the view button to see what happens around you. This is especially essential when leaving home, and during the final moments of the match.

To walk in the open during the middle or end of the match is to ask to carry a “sticks” in the face. Take shelter, always look for something to hide from enemy shots such as rocks, trees, houses and so on.

7 – Very calm at the end of each game

Battle Royale games are interesting. The beginning is frantic, the middle of the game is fun, but the end requires the maximum calm of the player.

A lot of people get anxious at this time, and that’s the big mistake. It is very common to get flustered at the end of the match, and virtually deliver the victory to the team or rival player.

Nothing to rush about from side to side at the end of the game on PUBG Mobile.

Only you from the team left? Do you want to upload? So hide and wait for the opposing teams to kill themselves. Nothing to play or “RAMBO”. PUBG Mobile is not a common shooting game. In the end, not being seen is one of the most important elements.

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