PUBG Mobile: The Best Places to “Drop” in Sanhok

PUBG Mobile (TIMI) turned "Fortnite"? Game adds constructs!

The 0.8.0 update of PUBG Mobile should arrive anytime, and with it, will come the new Sanhok map. Do you already know the best places for loot? Check out where to get the best weapons, look and start on the new map bursting.

Getting to know the map Sanhok

Sanhok is like a small island in Asia, the map was inspired by places in Thailand and the Philippines. The map is smaller than the other two, it is only 4 km² (the other two are 8 km²).

PUBG Mobile: The Best Places to "Drop" in Sanhok

There is still no history of the new map, but it is clear that the island would be a small country of a dictator. There are military bases everywhere (Camp Alpha, Bravo and Charlie) and a small resort.

Exclusive weapons

PUBG Mobile: The Best Places to "Drop" in Sanhok
New map with new exclusive QBZ and QBU weapons.

Sahhok has two unique weapons, the QBU and QBZ, both with 556mm ammunition. Unlike the other maps, it is possible to find M24 in the loot normally.

The QBU has not yet come in the 0.8.0 update, but it should be coming soon too.

Best loot places in Sanhok

Bootcamp (Military Field)

Like Pochinki in Erangel and Sin in Miramar, Bootcamp is the main scam site and where most players like to fall. In good Portuguese Bootcamp is nothing more than a military field. The loot here is exaggeratedly good.

Most likely you and your team will leave here with level 3 helmet and helmet and ammunition until it no longer fits in the backpack. That’s if you survive because everyone loves to fall here.

To summarize, Bootcamp would be as if it were the Military Base of Erangel, but with much more loot. If Bootcamp sounds like too much bullshit to you, consider flying to Camp Alpha / Bravo / Charlie. Whichever is the furthest from the plane, you will find the least resistance and still give you more than enough equipment for some players.

How to download PUBG Mobile (Timi Studio) from the official website (APK updated)
How to download PUBG Mobile (Lightspeed) from the OFFICIAL site (upgraded APK)


The place that is the favorite of many people, but it is not as popular as Bootcamp. Despite being a relatively small spot on the map, Ruins attracts many players every round.

With a flat, open roof and single internal floor, it is likely that any shooting will be over in a matter of seconds, so it is best that you get down quickly.

Paradise Resort

Paradise Resort is for Sanhok, just as the school is for Erangel. The place to run and loot without bothering to open doors. Plenty of weapons in open field and under the trees towards the outer edges of the complex. So if you are one of the first players there, try to land as close as possible.

Any other place .. seriously!

Really! Sanhok is a map where the loot is absurd. Anywhere you will find UMP, QBZ, QBU and the like. And ammunition to give and to sell. This map is absurd, very different from Miramar and Erangel. You will spend very little time looting, and more time sending fire to the enemies.

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