PUBG Mobile: Tencent Celebratecs 10 Million Daily Activations

PUBG Mobile was Downloaded 34 Million Times in 13 days

The Playerunknown Battlegrounds Mobile ( Android and iOS ) exceeded 10 million active users every day worldwide. What is most impressive is that this number excludes the Chinese market, and of course, the bots that the game itself inserts to complete matches.

The number, and the news, refers only to the Google Play version, and does not include the two Chinese versions: Battlefield (LightSpeed) and Army Attack (Timi).

PUBG Mobile has been the most downloaded game in over 100 countries, a feat won in less than a week after launch.

The feat is even more impressive if we take the restrictions into account. It’s worth remembering that PUBG Mobile is not exactly the lightest of games, it only runs on mid-range and top-of-the-line phones.

Still, it’s a great achievement for the studio. PUBG Mobile is a very well made play of PC game. A nice use of IP that sold 40 million copies only on the PC.

10 million active users, playing every day, is a great achievement. And, according to Annie App numbers, PUBG Mobile has been one of the most profitable App Store games in 114 countries.

Recently, PUBG Mobile added the desert-based Miramar map, as well as new vehicles and weapons. A third minor map, called Sanhok, is being developed for the PC version. No doubt, it will go to mobile phones very soon.

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