PUBG Mobile: Map Sanhok (Jungle) is Already in Testing

The Selva map, codenamed Sanhok, which has 4 KM², is already being tested in the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile. The test is being carried out in the Timi Studio version, where a new weapon is also being presented: QBZ.

Who had access to the news first hand, of course, were the Chinese, but you can check the novelty by the video below.

The highlight of this new Sanhok map is being more compact, (practically half the size of Erangel and Miramar). The fact of being smaller leaves the encounters with other players much more intense and constant.

Another highlight of the update that brought the new map is the possibility to customize the aim of the weapons, changing even the color of the traditional “Red Dot”.

A new weapon, the QBZ, was also introduced. It uses 5.56m ammunition, the same as rifles as M16 and M4A16. It reminds one a little to Groza, but its differential is to be available for the players, without being by the “drop”.

There is no date yet when the news will be released to the public, but in case you want, you can download and play the Timi Studio version right now. Download and log in every day to know when the game will update with the news.

How to Download PUBG Army Attack (Timi) for Android (APK)

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