PUBG Mobile Lite: How to Resolve the Maximum Number of Records Problem

PUBG Mobile Lite is available on Google Play from Brazil. However, anyone who has already downloaded and tries to play is receiving the message “Maximum number of Today’s Records has been reached”. Here’s how to fix it.

“Why does this mistake happen?”

Straight to the point: PUBG Mobile Lite is still beta testing on Google Play. So the game does not officially “saiuuu”, it is still in tests for limited players.

Every day, Tencent releases vacancies so players can register and test the game. So how can we resolve this situation?

How to resolve the error: “Maximum number of today’s records has been reached”

To resolve this error in PUBG Mobile Lite, you will have to try to create a new account at dawn. Preferably access the game after midnight.

The good news is that the beta test seems to know which are the most modest handsets, so those who have 1 GB of RAM have to sign up only once. After a while, of course, Tencent will open space for more players, and you will not have to stay up late to test PUBG Mobile Lite.

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