PUBG Mobile: How to Improve Best Graphics on “Weak” (60 fps)

PUBG Mobile: How to Improve Best Graphics on "Weak" (60 fps)

Official PUBG Mobile has come to Android, but many people who have “weak” or intermediate smartphone are having trouble adjusting the graphics. See how to improve the look of the game without leaving it locked or with lag, and running at 60 fps. The tip came from the Caveirinha Gamer channel.

The tutorial is to modify a game configuration file. Fortunately, no root is required for such a modification. But you will need to have at least one file explorer like ES Explorer.

Step 1. Browse to the /Android/data/com.tencent.ig/files/UE4Game/ShadowTrackerExtra/ShadowTrackerExtra/Saved/Config/Android folder

PUBG Mobile: How to Improve Graphics on "Weak" Cell Phones (60 fps)

Step 2. Locate the file “UserCustom.ini”. Let’s edit it. In ES Explorer, just touch it and choose the editor option.

Step 3. Let’s make the following changes.

[UserCustom DeviceProfile]
+ CVars = r.PUBGQualityLevel = 1
+ CVars = r.UserQualitySetting = 2
+ CVars = r.PUBGGLDR = 0
+ CVars = r.ShadowQuality = 3
+ CVars = r.MobileContentScaleFactor = 1
+ CVars = r.MobileHDR = 1
+ CVars = r.UserHDRSetting = 1
+ CVars = r.MaterialQualityLevel = 2

What have we done? We’ve put in the game settings to enable the Classic filter and the HD mode, but we’ve reduced the amount of objects on the screen.

Step 4. Now just tap “Save” and start the game again. Now you can enjoy a superior quality without needing a super powerful device.

Here is the Caveirinha channel tutorial with a well explained step by step.

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