PUBG Mobile Giving Error In Playing On Bluestacks

PUBG Mobile Giving Error In Playing On Bluestacks

This morning, Tencent games managed to isolate (almost completely) who plays PUBG Mobile through the Bluestacks emulator. Now, whoever starts the emulator, will face the following message: “Emulator Detected! You or your team will only be paired with other emulator players. ”

End of “mamata”

What does this message really mean? Whoever plays via the emulator, will find in the front more players that use emulator. Even if you only have one emulator player on the team, everyone will be taken to a match where most players (out of 100) use an emulator.

PUBG Mobile Giving Error In Playing On Bluestacks

The message already appeared in several other emulators, except Bluestacks. In tests I did, on a separate account, I could see the huge difference of a match in the cell versus one in the Bluestacks. The filter is really working and the difference is clear.

How the Filter Works

 The game detects who uses emulator in the team and will create a match where most players also use emulator.

You will still be able to find mobile players along the way, but make no mistake, most opponents will also be using emulators.

Another thing. Anyone on a team, where at least one of the members uses the emulator, will also be harmed as it will fall into matches where most players play through the emulator.

Tencent and we’re watching!

Incredible as a Brazilian loves to take advantage in everything. Yeah, mama’s done. Today, I saw a huge growth in the search term of those who arrived on the site “pubg on the PC without detection” (for those who think that nobody is watching what you do on the internet, Google knows … and so do I).

It may even appear to circumvent the system, but from now on, anyone attempting to use plugins, macros, and other cheats may be banned from PUBG Mobile. Something very bad, because the game uses the Facebook account to login.

Fair filter

The moral of the story is this. Accept and play with those who also use the emulator. It’s much fairer!

As reported in the previous article, who plays with a mouse, keyboard and a large screen, has many advantages over who plays on a 5-inch screen.

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