PUBG Mobile: Desert Map (Miramar) Released in Chinese Versions

PUBG Mobile: Desert Map (Miramar) Released in Chinese Versions

The Chinese versions of PUBG Mobile, both the Lightspeed studios and the Timi studios, already have the desert map. With the name of Miramar, the map is very similar to that of the PC version, providing a completely different environment to test your survival skills.

In the most popular version of PUBG Mobile (Lightspeed), the same version that was released in the West, the news came in version 0.5.1. The “New Sniper Elite” mode is also added, where the matches last for a maximum of 15 minutes. New weapons and vehicles have also been added.

When the desert map arrives in PUBG Mobile from the west?

There is no map release date in the west. The western version of PUBG Mobile, which is already in Portuguese and with servers in Latin America, is still in version 0.33.

PUBG Mobile: Desert Map (Miramar) Released in Chinese Versions

The novelty, for now, appeared only for the guys who own iOS. On Android, the desert map should be released during the week.

But if you want to test the map right now on Android. Just download the PUBG Mobile produced by Studio Timi (dubbed the “lightest” version). The Miramar map is available to all users of this version.

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