PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge: What is it and How to Overcome this challenge

PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge: What is it and How to Overcome this challenge

PUBG and Blue Hole recently announced the Crew Challenge, a championship, for points between players on all PUBG Mobile servers (Android and iOS). This post aims to get all your doubts about this “community championship” happening during the same period of the “Star Challenge” finals.

How to Apply for a Crew Challenge

To qualify for the championship, you must have a team with 4 to 6 players. Only the leader can register. Registration is blocked during the tournament period. Registration began today (30) and ends on November 4.

To sign up, in fact, just touch the trophy icon at the bottom of the screen in the main menu, and choose the Crew Challenge option.

The Crew Challenge Championship will take place in the first and third person modes. However, when choosing any of these options, it is not allowed to change.

The first round will qualify, it will be two matches per day. Matches will always be available at the same time. When the option arises, players must enter the championship option and fulfill both matches as soon as possible.

Points will be calculated according to the Star Challenge. Players earn points for slaughter, but also for their starting position.

The preliminaries will be 3 matches for each team. To reach the preliminary phase, the teams in the qualifying phase will have to be among the top 4 in each group.

The remaining 20 teams go to the finals and participate in 4 matches in Erangel. At this stage, you have to keep an eye on schedules, as teams that are late will be disqualified.

As in Star Challenge, the championship is by running the point. The teams will be ranked according to the score in the last 4 matches.

What will be the championship map?

The map chosen for all stages is Erangel.

Are emulators allowed?

Players using emulators, of any kind, can not participate in the Crew Challenge. Anyone caught doing an emulator “smooth” or other cheating/cheating technique will be banned from the league and the game.

What will be the prize?

This is where the championship may disappoint some. The award will be in-game items as a personalized logo, stating that you are one of the Crew Challenge champions.

However, it is worth taking part to have the experience of what it’s like to participate in a championship. It has not been reported whether Crew Challenge of PUBG Mobile will be broadcast online, but players can use this championship as “dummy” to train and catch the rhythm of a real championship.

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