PUBG Mobile: Chinese version begins to Test “WAR” Mode

While the western version of PUBG Mobile is still in version 0.4.0, the Chinese version (LightSpeed) is preparing to receive the 0.6.3 update that will bring the War mode, the war mode that is in tests in the PC version.

War Mode is in testing in version 0.6.3 of PUBG Mobile (LightSpeed) and may be fully implemented only in version 0.7.0. There is no date yet when the mode will arrive in the version of Google Play (Brazilian).

How is PUBG Mobile’s War mode?

In the mobile version, the war mode consists of a 15-minute game where dying players fall back from a parachute.

The new mode is frantic and has a gameplay completely different from the normal PUBG, it gains points who make more kills. The mode works squarely only and supports up to 28 players.

There is still no scheduled date for all players to have access to War mode on LightSpeed, but to stay connected in the news, you can download the Chinese version directly from the official website, since it is playable in Brazil.

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