PUBG Mobile: Beta Version 0.9.5 Includes HARDCORE Mode and More

Tencent is already testing the beta version of PUBG Mobile, which will be the 0.9.5 update, to be released in the West, including Brazil. The new version comes to the end of the year on Android and iOS, and includes new features such as new season, “new weapon” and the fearsome Hardcore mode.

Winter is coming

The new season of PUBG Mobile’s Royale Pass is all inspired by the cooler season of the year. Winter will be there with new clothes, skins for cars, and a new place where it will snow in some games.

PUBG Mobile: Beta Version 0.9.5 Includes HARDCORE Mode and More

Some skins can be purchased with BP, the virtual currency that can be acquired by playing.

New weapon

New weapon is so appalling that it can retire AKM and M416.

The Beryl M762 will finally be available on the Loot. In the previous version, 0.9.1, the weapon was somewhat secret, since it could only be collected in the bots.

Hardcore mode

PUBG Mobile: Beta Version 0.9.5 Includes HARDCORE Mode and More

Undoubtedly this will be the big news of the update 0.9.5 in the west. The new Hardcore mode will be indicated only for really experienced players. Check out what changes in this mode.

  • There are no bots.
  • Weapons are not loaded you need to find ammo before you take the first shot.
  • Loot is not automatic.
  • There are no directions on the shooting map, steps and etc.
  • It is still possible to mark objects and enemies.
  • There is no Hit marker (that X when we hit an enemy).

I Downloaded the Beta and it did not change anything!

Some news will only appear in a few matches, and on special dates.

Many people who are testing the 0.9.5 update are not finding the news. Calm down, everything is already loaded inside the game but will be released by Tencent gradually.

“Why do you go on without much of the Chinese version?”

Known as “Lightspeed,” the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile is already in version 0.11.0, with news like rain on Erangel and Miramar.

Unfortunately, the western version of PUBG Mobile still continues without some features already present in version 0.6.0 as switching from first to third person within a match in third person mode.

Also left out the system of customization of aim that allows to change beyond the color of the sight.

But in fact, what is most lacking is the optimization of the Chinese version. Anyone who has ever tested knows how China’s version is best optimized. It runs more lightly on many phones.

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