PUBG Mobile: All about update 0.5.0 (Android and iOS)

How to Improve the Aim in PUBG Mobile on Android and iPhone

The version 0.5.0 of PUBG Mobile is the next to arrive in Google Play and App Store. Among the novelties is the long-awaited map of the Desert (Miramar). See what else comes in this new update.

New Miramar map

PUBG Mobile: All about update 0.5.0 (Android and iOS)

As said above, the main novelty is the new Miramar map. The desert map was already present in the Chinese versions (LighSpeed and Timi) and now finally reaches Google Play.

The new map of PUBG Mobile will be very similar to that of the PC. Even the location of various items like vehicles and loot are similar to the “bigger” version.

Location of items on the Miramar map. Click to view the enlarged version.

This map will require new players survival tactics since it is not possible to just hide in the grass. In addition, the focus on long distance shooting will be much higher.

– How to Select the Miramar (Desert) Map on PUBG Mobile

- How to Select the Miramar (Desert) Map on PUBG Mobile

The new map option will appear just below the start button. Then, the player must unmark the original map (Erangel) and leave only the map of the desert (Miramar) marked as in the image below.

- How to Select the Miramar (Desert) Map on PUBG Mobile

New Weapons

New Weapons

New weapons will be added in the Google Play version of PUBG Mobile, they are: Winchester shotgun, AUG A3, R45 revolver and Shotgun shotgun.

The new weapons do not bring much influence to the gameplay at the end of the game. However, in version 0.5.0, it is not yet, but in Chinese versions it is possible).

New Cars

New Weapons

The new Miramar map also offers new vehicles. Among them we can find the classic Kombi and two new Pick-Ups. One closed and one with an open top.

When version 0.5.0 of PUBG Mobile arrives?

The version is currently in beta testing on both iOS and Android. According to rumors she arrives on the 10th or 13th of May. Although the images are in English, the update of PUBG Mobile will arrive completely in Portuguese.

Download Link on iPhone (App Store)

Android Game Link (Google Play)

Developer: Tencent 
Advertising: No | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.3 / iOS 9 
Language: English | Size: 900 MB

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  1. Hi will the new version run as smoothly as the old or will your phone all of a sudden not work it cause the requirements has changed?

    Thanks for you time

    1. Yes, There are no changes in Phone requirements so newer version will also run as smooth as before update

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