PUBG Mobile: All About New Update 0.7.0

PUBG Mobile: All About New Update 0.7.0

PUBG Mobile, the Western version, present in Google Play and App Store, will be updated very soon for version 0.7.0. The new version will bring the much-awaited War mode, plus the new SLR weapon and new accessories. Check out all the update news.

When will the update arrive?

The maintenance of the PUBG Mobile servers happened this morning (from Sunday to Monday), but that does not mean that the game will be updated at the same time.

Version 0.7.0 will arrive in the West, most likely, later this week, on Android. On iOS, it could only arrive a week later.

What’s New in the 0.7.0 Update

– War Mode: The long-awaited “war mode”. This is the only mode of the game PUBG Mobile with “respawn” (possibility to revive). The players fall into a very small area, already with weapons, vest, and helmets. The team that scores more points by killing opponents wins the match.

– The new weapon, the SLR: a new DMR, of the same class as the Mini14 and SKS. The SLR has a smaller setback.

PUBG Mobile: All About New Update 0.7.0

– Viewer mode (rumor): The new viewer mode can arrive at the update, and allow you to watch a friend playing even after you have left the game.

– New accessories: the new grips that will be present in the game are Thumb Grip, Half Grip and Light Grip. All grips will be specific to DMR weapons. It seems that the idea is to increase the use of this type of weapon.

New sights and balancing

As quoted in the last paragraph, it seems that the idea of Tencent games is to increase the use of DMRs (Mini14, SKS, and SLR) in PUBG Mobile. Therefore, it will no longer be possible to target 8X on AR rifles like AKM and M16.

However, there will be new sights for lovers of assault rifles. New virgins 6X and 3X are confirmed for the update 0.7.0.

The AR combs, as well as the compensator, muffler and flame breaks, can also be used in the DMRs.

Adrenaline syringes will no longer be exclusive to Air Drops and will be available within the loot scenario.

Some weapons will receive increased damage: SMGs, pistols, sniper rifles and DMRs (except SKS). It seems to be the same balancing that happened on the PC and greatly improved the UMP9.

And the New Sanhok map?

Have you been waiting for a new map? Still, the new map of PUBG Mobile, the Sanhok (former Savage), will only be available in update 0.8.0.

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