PUBG Mobile: 7 Mistakes Every “Noob” Makes

PUBG Mobile: 7 Mistakes Every "Noob" Makes

In addition to giving tips on what to do, a good tips article needs to give you an idea of not doing. A lot of people still make those silly mistakes on PUBG Mobile. Check out 5 spots that make you look like a noob, and know how to avoid them.

1 – Shoot the Flare Gun out of the “safe”

1 - Shoot the Flare Gun out of the "safe"
Do not bench the noob, Flare Gun is inside the safe.

The flag or flare gun was recently introduced. That is why it is the first item on the list, as it is a common mistake of most players.

If you have picked up a flag and want that AWM, Groza, or AUG, then you need to first go into the safe zone.

Shooting the flaregun out of the “safe”, even if blue zone (gas) has not yet passed you, always makes a car come in the “air drop”. And for ever, understand … ALWAYS!

Then get the hint, either guns, go to safe zone (preferably a place without buildings) and shoot. But be careful, remember that the flag is visible from anywhere on the map. Surely several other enemies will appear wanting your “drop”.

2 – Do not take the ammunition that is in the weapons in the “loot”

2 - Do not take the ammunition that is in the weapons in the "loot"
Loot in Fact

See a lot of people do this, including members of my own team. The person takes that Kar98 “delight”, but when seeing an AKM and ammo, in the loot, only takes the ammunition.

Right? WRONG! You also need to get the ammunition that’s inside the AKM, literally another box of bullets with 30 bullets.

To do this as fast as possible, just take the AKM and then pick up the gun you were using again.

3 – Do not think about the weapons you will use

3 - Do not think about the weapons you will use
Do not let yourself think of sights and grips only afterwards.

Another thing I’ve seen happen even with professional player. The citizen goes through various items like grips, silencers and takes none. Only look for such items after finding an M4 or Sniper.

When starting the match, you should already keep in mind what weapon you will want to use. Take grips to control recoil from submachine guns and rifles and mufflers from both. 
In doubt, always grab the sniper muffler and “ass of the M4” if you see. Surely you or your squad members will need it.

4 – Do not pay attention to closing the “safe”

4 - Do not pay attention to closing the "safe"

The most common hobby of a rookie player. Surely you should have already familiarized yourself with the term “zé lootinho”.

I see many players still dying for the blue zone (gas) because they only care about two things: enemies and “lootear”.

The first zones do not have much impact, but there by the end of the match. Staying focused on loot can result in a shameful death.

5 – Stop the car or run in the “open”

5 - Stop the car or run in the "open"

Go to the safe zone and stop the car in full open field in the sight of anyone. It is the recipe for failure.

I know that doing the predict (predicting) of the last safe is asking too much. But staying in the open is an absurd vacillation. It literally is to ask to take that OTA you will not even know where it came from.

The tip here is to get by the “edges”, by the edges of the safe, always checking if there are no enemies behind you. Are you on the wrong side of the safe? Make the rotation going through the sides, but never cross the open field, especially at the end of the match.

And here ends our article. What mistake do your squad friends usually make that makes you furious? Comment on the site.

6 – Reporting wrongly

Playing in squad mode does not require you to be on call for the entire match, but minimal communication is required.

PUBG Mobile: 7 Mistakes Every "Noob" Makes

Especially when the game already offers a feature to mark enemies. But there are people who prefer not to communicate, or worse, to drop sentences like the one above.

7 – Blame the game for lack of skill

This is certainly a feature that makes a person a noob. Blame the game.

PUBG Mobile even has a system (the bots) that allow the player to learn a lot before facing more difficult matches. When starting a new account, the first games of PUBG Mobile are absurdly easy, full of bots.

The game only really starts there at level 30. So when you lose that match and stay in 2nd, remember what happened and try not to repeat the mistakes. Battle Royale is that. It is not a game in which mistakes can be corrected by reviving seconds later. You will have to start a new game.

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