PUBG Mobile: 17 News Updates 0.8.0 you need to know

The 0.8 update has finally come to everyone who plays PUBG Mobile on this side of the globe. The update will be available to everyone between today (11) and tomorrow (12). The mobile game that is one of the most played of the moment is full of news. Check out 17 of them you need to know.

What’s New in the 0.8.0 Update

1. The M24 sniper rifle will be a weapon that can be found (as well as other weapons). Before, he only appeared in Airdrop. Are we going to forget KAR 98?

2. QBZ-95, a new Assault rifle that uses 556mm ammunition, will perform similarly to M416 and Scar-L, but with a longer recoil and better spray range over long distances. This RA appears only in Sanhok.

3. The new Sanhok map (Savage code name). A totally new map with great graphics, and half the size of the other two maps.

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PUBG Mobile: 17 News Updates 0.8.0 you need to know

4. The user can now adjust the amount of ammunition to be collected (for each weapon separately).

5. There will be more sentences for quick text.

6. The sensitivity menu now allows you to set the same for each weapon.

7. New achievements.

8. Smarter Bots (????). The bots, before being silly and lying in the open, now enter the houses, open doors and so on.

9. Ghost City (also known as POI) has been updated. Now the place has a pool and a huge chicken. Also added more loot.

10. Now you can see the airstrip in the waiting hall.

11. Apple “granada”. Players will have apples that can be used in the lobby to pass the time. It seems that it is a problem that the producer had of the players getting punched during the lobby.

12. Interface change. The main menu will display the theme of Sanhok.

13. After updating, you will only have the map of Erangel. To download the other two maps, you’ll need to select and download them separately. (Sanhok 83 MB and Miramar 330 MB).

PUBG Mobile: 17 News Updates 0.8.0 you need to know

14. There will be two new vehicles in Miramar. Both are the “Mirado”, being one convertible and the other not. These cars are very fast but require a lot of fuel.

15. The player can disable the “auto pick gun” and “auto pick up rucksack lvl 3 rucksack”.

16. The player can activate the option to pick up grenades automatically and choose the type (smoke + frag + stun).

17. To finish. A new handgun called a flair gun. She has only 1 or 2 bullets that can not hurt anyone. The purpose of this weapon is to call a special Air Drop with much loot.

PUBG Mobile: 17 News Updates 0.8.0 you need to know

With information from the group PUBG Mobile on Facebook.

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