PUBG for mobile Guide Essential to Master Touch Screen Controls

The iOS reveal for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Everything you need to snipe on a touch screen right here

So you’re jumping into the world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for iOS and Android, but you’ve never played with a touchscreen before? Or perhaps, you’re completely new to PUBG?

Well friends, right here you’ll find a collection of tips that will make it that much easier to settle into battle royale on the go.

It’s pretty much the PUBG you remember, or the one you might not, but in a handheld form factor.

We’ve focused on PUBG: Army Attack here, and not PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield, as the former feels better to play and looks and performs a bit nicer, though the tips are mostly interchangeable.

So take a look below for everything you need to win that chicken dinner on mobile!

Auto run

Auto run is a simple addition which makes traversing ground much less of an ordeal. While running using the on-screen analogue stick, a small green icon will appear ahead of your thumb. Drag to it and let go and you’ll keep running.

Doors will also open automatically. You should note, if it doesn’t open automatically, that means someone else closed it.

Auto loot

Thankfully your character will automatically loot essential items, like your first weapon, drinks, painkillers and health items. They’ll also grab weapon attachments and equip them automatically.

You won’t grab melee weapons though, and when hovering over new weapons when you already have one equipped you’ll have to equip them manually.

Strafe to win

It’s hard shooting on a touch screen, which is exactly why you’ll find success if you keep strafing side to side. You can use this tactic while aiming at your opponent to pop a few shots as you move to keep them confused.

Precision aiming

Now if you’re getting serious with your shots, you should crouch down, aim with your right thumb, and use the fire button on the left side of the touch screen with your other thumb. Of course, you should also aim down sight with the icon on the right.

Three thumbs

This is where things get tricky. You can’t reasonably aim, shoot, and move without three thumbs. You’ll either have to get your hands in a claw position, or factor this limit of movement into your game plan.

Free look

While running with auto run, you can grab and hold the camera/eye icon below your map and drag it around to free look without changing your direction, good for checking your horizons for opposing players.

Fire mode

If you don’t speak Chinese then you might not have noticed, but the characters just to the left of your guns at the bottom of the screen are a button which changes the fire mode on your gun from single fire, to auto fire or burst, depending on the weapon.

Map, glorious map

The map in PUBG for mobile will help you out more than you might expect. It will at times give the precise location of enemies that are firing weapons, and at other times indicate their rough location.

It’s a small difference that can make you much more effective at finding and killing your enemies when the time is right.

Handy icons

There’s a number of small touches you’ll notice in the game which will help you through too. One of these being an exact distance from an objective marker, which helps when jumping at the beginning with a team.

Items you’ll find useful will also be slightly highlighted. Ammo you can use will be highlighted, and so will attachments, if they’re not equipped immediately

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