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Check out some trivia about the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game. Much of what is in the game was inspired by real things. Do you know the origin of the “gas”? Do you know the history of the Kar98K carbine? See these and more curiosities about one of the most played games of the moment.

“Where is Erangel?”

According to the lore of the game, the island of Erangel had been dominated by the extinct Soviet Union. The symbols on the military base were cut from the mobile version.

The first map of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, both on PCs and cell phones, is called Erangel. In the history of the game, it is an island located in the Black Sea, that was occupied by the Soviet Union in years 50.

The Soviet military occupied the island and built a military base. Thus emerged the famous “Sosnovka Military Base”. The site is filled with symbols of the former Soviet Union, which were cut from the Mobile version.

Where does the electric field come from?

Experiments at the Military Base gave rise to the electric field. In the background, large radio antenna resembling Duga-3 radars near Chernobyl.

In PUBG, players who are scattered around the island begin to gather due to an electric field that is closing around a safe safe area.

The explanation of the game for this field is linked directly to Sosnovka Military Base. According to the story of the game, the field is the result of an experiment using large radio antennas, which only occurred thanks to the Mylta Power Power Plant, located to the northeast of the military base.

“So where does the term” gas “come from?

The toxic gas of H1Z1.

Players often call the electric field that closes in “gas” PUBG. This nickname is due to the Battle Royale mode in which PUBG was inspired, the one of H1Z1, also architectted by the same creator of PUBG.

In Battle Royale mode H1Z1 is a gas that causes players to run into a safe area. So it has become commonplace in any Battle Royale to call this mechanic “gas.”

“Does Pochinki really exist?”

“See you in Pochinki, bitch.”

If you type Pochinki on Google, you’ll receive a location on Google Maps. But quiet, there is the location of the most messy place of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. These are several places that really exist.

Pochinki is a very common name in Russia, used to denominate diverse agricultural regions. Now you understand why there are tractors and plantations near the small central town in Erangel.

Where’s Miramar?

Miramar is inspired by locations in Mexico.

Miramar is a map that was created based on small cities in Mexico. But if you type the term in Google, you can find a beach town that is located in the state of Tamaulipas (Mexico). Fortunately, Miramar (the royal city), nothing resembles the desert climate of the “video game” version.

The Miramar map in PUBG is 50% larger than Erangel and has large open fields, mountains and plains. The map focuses much more on long range combat.

History of weapons (Kar98k, AKM, M416 and M16)

All PUBG weapons are identical reproductions of weapons that actually exist. One of the most iconic is the Karabiner 98 Kurz, or simply Kar98K.

Kar98K with a 4X scope in the middle of World War II.

Developed by the German army in 1934, the Kar98K, was widely used in World War II. Even at that time, there was already the possibility of putting 4X and 8X views on it. The scope of this rifle was of thousand meters.

In the history of the game, it appears after the defeat of Germany in World War II, much of the Nazi armament came to rest in the hands of the Soviets.

In many Hollywood movies, many fans often find it in the hands of allies, but it is not. Whoever is in the hands of the allies, in several films, including “The Rescue of Private Ryan” is the submachine gun Thompson M1A1 (North American manufacture). The weapon is used by Captain John H. Miller, played in the film by Tom Hanks.

A Thompson M1A1 in the movie “The Rescue of Private Ryan.”

PUBG also includes newer weapons such as the M16 (created in the 1960s) and the M416, a more modern variation developed in 2004. The M16 was created as a general purpose rifle that could be used in both short and medium range.

AKM is a variation of AK47 Rifle, one of the most devastating weapons of mankind (cost-morticide). The modern version (hence the M at the end) was introduced in 1959 and is one of the most widely used weapons in conflict around the world.

The Cars of PUBG

The famous “chevetão”, is not a real Chevette. In fact, the car is a Dacia 1300. Dacia is a Romanian car maker quite popular in Eastern Europe. Nowadays, she is responsible for setting up and selling Renault cars such as Sandero and Duster in countries like Romania, Russia, Ukraine and others.

But returning to the Dacia 1300. The car began production in 1969. The “1300” in the name is a reference to the engine displacements. These days, it would amount to a 1.3-liter engine.

The existing “Jeep” in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is actually the Soviet-made UAZ-469. Created in the 70’s, the car has two versions, one with hood and the other without. Both are present in the game.

All the car sounds in PUBG were captured from real vehicles.

The creation of the Battle Royale genre

This “curiosity”, I think every fan of PUBG should know, but incredibly few know. And they go so far as to comment on some nonsense on the internet. Like saying that PUBG “copied” other games.

The genre Battle Royale was imagined by a modifier of the game ARMA 2. The year was 2013, the name of the guy was Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene and the mod was called DayZ: Battle Royale.

The idea came from a Japanese movie based on a very violent manga. It was so certain that anyone could see the birth of a genre there. Just as it was the MOBA genre that was also born of a mod.

PUBG has numerous references to the film in weapons, clothing and more. Who is a fan will recognize several of them.

Movie Battle Royale of 2000 was the inspiration of the same name mode.

When the mod became a stand-alone game, separate from Weapon 2, Brendan began developing the mod for Weapon 3. In the meantime, he was invited by Sony to participate in the creation of the H1Z1 game.

The development of H1Z1 was not so simple. The game turned two (H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1: King of the Hill) and the direction of Sony disrupted the development. Shortly thereafter (in February 2016), Brendan was disconnected from the project. But not without receiving another invitation from another company.

A South Korean publisher, already accustomed to tricks (you’ll see right below), called Bluehole, invited Brendan to be the consultant in creating a game of the genre Battle Royale.

The rapid development and attention to the complaints of the players, helped the new game to stand out quickly against competitors. The game was to be called Battlegrounds only, but it was the idea of the Bluehole directors themselves, to add the name PlayerUnknown, to attest that it was a game developed by the creator of the genre Battle Royale in video games.

Bluehole likes a trick

Prior to launching the Battlegrounds project, Bluehole and its subsidiary PUBG Corporation were founded with the idea of developing mobile games.

But before starting any project in the West, the company got involved in a gigantic trick when launching the PC MMORPG, TERA. The confusion happened because, later, it was proven that a lot of the assets (models, textures and etc) of TERA were copied directly from Lineage III.

Creator of PUBG lived in Brazil

Yes! Bredan Greene lived a long time in Brazil. He came in the land of Samba, see, for a love affair. During that time, when he was dating a Brazilian girl, he started developing the ARMA 2 mod, even though he lived here.

Watch this interview from the staff of the Nerdbunker channel.

And those were the curiosities around this phenomenon called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. I know that a lot of things are gone, but I did not want to get too into military terms and movie curiosities, so I did not leave the text too long.

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