PUBG Battlefield: the Open Beta Test in China Started

PUBG Battlefield: the Open Beta Test in China Started

China is the country of the future. As already there on February 9, it means that the open beta test of PUBG Mobile, more specifically PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Battlefield (绝 地 求生: 刺激 战场) has started. The game will have open access for anyone who wants to play in that country.

For now, the game is accessible only on Android. The iOS version, according to Tencent, will depend on Apple’s availability, but should come out in the same week.

Battlefield is one of the mobile versions of PUBG, made by Chinese game studio Lightspeed and Quantum Studios. The record for early access to PUBG: Battlefield opened in December and attracted more than 18 million players.

Battlefield is one of two versions of the most popular game of 2017 and 2018 in Chinese. The other version of the game, Army Attack (绝 地 求生: 全军 出击) developed by TIMI Studio, has already released its early access at the end from last month. Battlefield features Battle Royale gameplay.

Tencent was also thrilled with PUBG fans when he teased the Battlefield poster with the slogan “Mysterious Training Officer”. There are rumors that local celebrities including Peng Yu-Yan, Wu Jing, Jay Chou, are being considered as mouthpieces for the game in that country.

About the PC version and controversies of PUBG

The PC version of PUBG was developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Korean publisher Bluehole. The beta was first released for Windows in March 2017, the full version was available in December. The video game has quickly become one of the most popular survival shooting games and has sold more than 20 million copies since the release of the beta.

However, the months prior to the release of early access were not problem free. In October, the Chinese government tried to ban PUBG (in Chinese) because of the bloody and violent nature of its content. In response, Tencent promised, “to make adjustments in content and ensure that they agree with fundamental socialist values, traditional Chinese culture, and moral rules.”

Several things have changed in the game, like the “plot”. But the most notorious difference is the blood, which has been replaced by a green liquid, giving to understand that in the plot of the game, everything is just a training of paintball.

The game has already caused major problems even before reaching China. In January, Tencent recruited Chinese police to eradicate hackers who help design and sell cheating software that offers some players unfair advantages such as the ability to see through walls. At least 120 people were arrested.

Source: Technode

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