Project E: Tencent’s mysterious game Will Be Released Soon (Pre-Register)

Project E: Tencent's mysterious game Will Be Released Soon (Pre-Register)

China Joy 2018 is underway in Shanghai. For those who do not know, the event is the equivalent to E3 of the Eastern mobile games. It was the perfect opportunity for Tencent to show off their new and mysterious project: Project E.

According to Tencent Games, the mobile game will be one of the company’s top games in 2019. The project is being played in partnership with Loong Entertainment and Epic Games, all running on the glorious Unreal Engine 4. Check out the trailer.

The trailer highlights all the technology used in the production of the scenes (since that gameplay is good .. nothing). Apparently, everything was done using the game’s graphics engine.

Some animations are precarious, and may denounce that the game will be an online open world RPG, but effects of reflection, rain, particles and dynamic lighting are worthy of note. The initial scene in the rain is impressive.

Loong Entertainment was founded as an in-house team in 1997, and made games like Perfect World, Jade Dynasty and Forsaken World Mobile. It branched out as an independent studio in 2014 and has developed more than 10 games for the Chinese public.

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