Pre-Register for Collect ’Em Up RPG Heir of Light

Pre-Register for Collect ’Em Up RPG Heir of Light

Heir of Light is an upcoming collect ’em all RPG by Gamevil. That might not be very unique, but to its credit, the visuals are pretty terrific.

Your goal is to save the world from darkness by restoring the light or something. In gameplay terms though, that involves beating a series of bosses.

You can now pre-register for Heir of Light on Google Play

In fact, Heir of Light does away with mobs entirely and focuses purely on defeating big bosses. So you need to create a party of heroes capable of beating them.

It borrows that aspect from MMORPGs, with a variety of different heroes to choose from. These are made up of a variety of different classes like healers, tanks, and damage dealers.

With a variety of single-player dungeons and PvP battles to work your way through, Heir of Light doesn’t look short on content. If you like the sound of it, go ahead and pre-register right now on Google Play.

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