Pokémon GO: How To Get the legendary Kyogre in the raids

Pokémon GO: How To Get the legendary Kyogre in the raids
A guide with the details that you must keep in mind to defeat and capture Kyogre.

Since last weekend, the legendary Pokémon Kyogre is available as a Pokémon GO foray raid leader , starring in one of the toughest raid battles since the arrival of the third generation of creatures. Until February 18, we have the opportunity to capture it, and in this guide we will discuss all the details to do so.

The aquatic counterpart of Groudon, a native of the Hoenn region, is a level 5 leader who increases her CP in a rainy climate. How much, exactly? A Kyogre of perfect IVs will have 2,910 CP at level 25 if it rains, or 2,328 CP at level 20 if it is not the case. However, first we will have to face him with a minimum of 4-5 players and empty his health bar of 51,968 points in the first place. And even if we do, Kyogre’s capture rate is just 2%, so we’ll have to maximize our chances with additional objects.

However, a few hours before publishing this article, Niantic released a new update for Pokémon GO (0.89.1 on Android, 1.59.1 on iOS) that facilitates the capture of Kyogre by bringing it closer to us. In this way, we will hit more Pokéballs and more chances to throw a perfect shot.

Pokémon GO: How To Get the legendary Kyogre in the raids


Fight against KyogreThe best chance to fight against Kyogre is in the rain . In this state, you will have the chance to get a more powerful Kyogre (level 25) and the electric attacks, which are super effective against this Pokémon, will be enhanced. However, keep in mind that the boss himself will strengthen his movements in this climate, so it is a double-edged sword. The worst possible weather would be the snow: you will be disappointed when you see that it will boost your powerful Blizzard, and you will not have any benefit in combat. And if that was not enough, you will go cold.

Next we detail the movements of Kyogre , quite similar to those seen in Rubí, Sapphire and Esmeralda.

Fast attack
  • Waterfall
Attacks loaded (1 bar)
  • Hydro pump
  • Thunder
  • Blizzard

The main threats to Kyogre are the electric and plant types. Although it has the opportunity to kill the latter using Blizzard, among the electric there are several Pokémon capable of planting face, of which undoubtedly the most indicated is the legendary dog Raikou.

If it rains, you should try to have Raikou or Zapdos on your team. Ampharos, Manectric or Magneton can be some valid alternatives if you have not had occasion to do with any of the above, although you will notice the difference. In a neutral climate, Sceptile is the best option with its powerful Acute Leaf. Groudon with Solar Ray is definitely hard to come by, but if you have one of previous raids it is still better option than Venusaur or Exeggutor.

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