Pokémon GO: How To Get Mewtwo in the Next EX Raid

Pokémon GO: How To Get Mewtwo in the Next EX raid

In this guide, we analyze the conditions of the last wave of invitations to EX raids.


If you want to get a Pokémon as powerful as Mewtwo or Celebi in Pokémon GO, you have an opportunity to add them to your Pokédex as of January 9, 2018. Or maybe not: that’s the point. And is that these creatures star in exclusive EX raid missions, which require the participation of several people in an event organized in a particular gym at a specific time of a previously set day. In this guide, we tell you all about this new celebration.

The community dedicated to the game on Reddit, The Silph Road, has published a study projecting information about the players invited to participate in these events; and it is perhaps surprising for the most novice to know that to participate in an EX raid you need to have an invitation that seems to be sent based on ssemi-randomfactors. Although many players dare to label this system as “the worst random generator in the world”, Niantic has been adjusting the system to make it more pleasant for its audience, and it seems that in the last wave it has greatly favored the first-time raiders.

  • 52.7% of respondents have received their first EX raid pass.
  • 25.8% of respondents say it is their second pass.
  • 21.5% of users have received two passes before this one.

Pokémon GO: How To Get Mewtwo in the Next EX raid

A graphic has also been shared indicating the level of coach that the invited players have to participate in the next round of EX raids, and as expected the vast majority of them had a level equal to or higher than 30. Some players have reached Repeat specific raids indefinitely to see if it was possible to get a pass, but for now it seems that the system continues to operate solely based on luck.

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