Play Pokémon Let’s Go On Your PC & Android Phones

Play Pokémon Let's Go On Your PC & Android Phones

Pokémon Let’s Go can be described as a sequence of Pokémon GO (Android and iOS) . The next step. The trailer for the game literally suggests that the user drop the game mobile and go home to play this new RPG for Nintendo Switch.

It’s even funny, the way Pikachu picks up the user by the hand, in the video below, and the guide back home. A clear message of where the center of attention of The Pokémon Company is.

But outside this perception that the user “needs to be driven,” Pokémon Let’s Go can still be seen as a “sequel” of Pokémon GO for other reasons.

The visual identity of the new Switch game is very similar to that of the mobile game. The Pokémon collection system works just the same. But the gameplay..ah, the gameplay.

Pokémon Let’s Go features scenarios, cities and mechanics taken from Pokémon Yellow (the fourth franchise game for GameBoy). What changes are the graphics and the story.

Pokémon Let’s Go works in conjunction with Pokémon GO. The pokémons that you have in the mobile game, can be transferred to the game in the Nintendo Switch.

Thus, the marketing cycle around Pokémon in smartphones is closed. In the end, everything is driven so that the user goes back to the Nintendo platform. In fact, you played an “interactive pseudo-trailer” for two years. A great strategy.

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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