Pixel Dungeon, The Roguelike for Android Most Played Game

Pixel Dungeon, The Roguelike for Android Most Played Game

Pixel Dungeon is a reference for the roguelikes genre . We can almost say that it is one of the champions who make up a new age of silver away from the harsh environments in ASCII debtors of those Rogue, Hack or Moria. Although it was initially released for Android devices in 2012, when it was distributed under the GNU license and its source code was publicly shared, not a few clones and revisions have appeared that add content to the already enormous range of possibilities of the original.

The Russian Oleg Dolya, better known by the digital circles as Watawatabou , had as main source of inspiration Brogue , another old school roguelike based in turn on the almost academic NetHack . Hence, the objective of all of them is always the same: descend through several levels of a dungeon generated procedurally to find the so-called amulet of Yendor in the deepest. A feat of the most complicated to completely restart the adventure as soon as our level of health runs out, which happens much more often than we would like.

Pixel Dungeon
Pixel Dungeon
Developer: watabou
Price: Free+

Pixel Dungeon comparative

The game was later ported to other platforms to be developed in Java and make use of Libgdx libraries .  In fact, in 2015 he went through Steam Greenlight and can now buy the desktop version of the game at a small price in Valve’s store . But that is not your natural terrain; where it has really managed to last is precisely in Android territory. Sure we have all done some search related to dungeon crawlers, role-playing games or roguelikes and we have left a dozen titles with the icon of a pixelated chest in a thousand and one colors and variants.

Of all these ramifications, the most successful has undoubtedly been Shattered Pixel Dungeon , which extends and improves the original formula in many aspects both aesthetic (a more elaborate tileset and adjustments in several sprites) as well as functional and content (more enemies, objects and general balance). In this case it is a game 100% free, open and without advertising , which is why it has become the most downloaded from their peers. Although both this game and the original have already been six years behind, both continue to receive constant updates of content and improvements.

Beyond these, it is worth mentioning things like Sprouted Pixel Dungeon  (version practically the same as the original but easier), Pixel Dungeon ML (translation to several languages ​​of the original Pixel Dungeon) or Remixed Pixel Dungeon (a new class and more enemies different). By doing a quick search you  can find many more variants to suit the consumer.

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