PewDiePie and ‘Bulb Boy’ Developer are working on a New Mobile Game

PewDiePie and 'Bulb Boy' Developer are working on a New Mobile Game

Here’s something I didn’t see coming – Bulbware and YouTube star PewDiePie have banded together for a new project, Poopdie, and it looks… interesting.

Those who’ve had the pleasure of playing Bulb Boy in the past will know the developer’s vibes, and it looks like Poopdie will follow a similar string. Information on the game is seriously limited, but we know it’ll be all about poop.

It’ll follow the story of a little wormy protagonist, with some serious flatulence issues, as he’s consistently made fun of. One day, however, he starts producing all types of poops and they’ll no doubt come in handy for whatever evil beings lurk in the dark.

Let’s face it, it’s Bulbware, so we’ll be getting some creepy and disturbing foes to go up against, especially since the few graphics available show a cherry bomb-like poop and spiky poop. For whatever reason I’m getting some Binding of Isaac feels here.

We’ll have to wait for more details as time goes on. I’ll be interested to see whether Pewds will feature prominently in the game itself, but it looks like we’re in for another ringer. Unless you don’t like poop humor, that is.

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