Perfect World Mobile: Second Trailer Shows Character Editing

Perfect World Mobile: Second Trailer Shows Character Editing

During China’s 2018 Joy, Tencent games introduced its newest MMORPG: Perfect World Mobile. The game will be the mobile version of a classic of the houses. Two new trailers were shown. The first shows the character editor; the second, an extended cinematic trailer. Check out.

Players will be able to choose from the following classes: Human Wizard, Unarmed Barbarian, Winged Elves Archer and Winged Elves Cleric.

Perfect World Mobile was announced with the following subtitle: “The Next Generation Air Combat”. It may sound strange to us Westerners, but Chinese RPGs use and abuse combat mechanics where characters fly.

Perfect World Mobile will be launched in China as early as 2018. There is no launch forecast for the West.

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