PAKO 2 Released For Android & PC For Free

PAKO 2 Released For Android & PC For Free

PAKO 2 is an Arcade game where your mission is to evade police officers and fulfill criminal goals. He remembers many casual games, silly and made to pass the time. However, with its deep difficulty, and plenty of extra content to discover, PAKO 2 goes beyond simplicity. The game is available for free for Android but is paid on iOS.

Addicting Arcade Style

In fact, PAKO 2 is a more arcade game than casual. Of course, his commands are simple, and in the beginning, his car will explode hundreds of times, but with each new interaction, the player discovers new things like power-ups, new maps and, of course, the possibility of buying new cars.

PAKO 2 Released For Android & PC For Free

But none of that would make sense if the game was not fun. PAKO 2 is a treat for those who like games where you’re the villain. The player must meet goals to unlock power-ups that are collected in the midst of confusion. A cube will appear, and as it goes through it, a random selection will give you new weapons, more life and so on.

The commands do not present difficulties. Tap each side of the screen so that the carriage turns in the desired direction. He automatically shoots the police.

When your car explodes, the player can collect cash rewards to trade for new cars or new stages. This adds variety to the game.

In order to monetize, the developer displays ads and built-in purchases. But everything is optional, as it is possible to play completely offline.

The first PAKO game is also worth checking out. It has the same quality and is ideal for less powerful appliances.

Download Link on the App Store (iPhone)


Play link on Google Play (Android)

Developer: Tree Men Games 
Advertising: Yes | Game Offline 
Contains purchases built in: Yes 
Requires Android 4.3 / iOS 8.0 
Language: English | Size: 74 MB

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