Outlast: Bundle of Terror’s Surprise Nintendo Switch eShop Release has us Shaking in our Boots

Outlast: Bundle of Terror's Surprise Nintendo Switch eShop Release has us Shaking in our Boots

Whether you knew that Outlast was coming to Switch or not, Red Barrels has given the world a good ol’ jumpscare today as Bundle of Terror releases on the Switch eShop (at least in the EU) for £19.99.

Note: this is a trailer for the PC version*

If you’ve been waiting for an awesome horror game to come to Nintendo Switch and have yet to dive into this disturbing survival game, Outlast is a must. Set in the Colorado Mountains, you play as journalist Miles Upshur as he goes searching for the story behind Mount Massive Asylum.

I know, nothing could go wrong when you’re exploring a super secret asylum in the middle of nowhere, right? Ha-ha! You’d be very, very wrong, Sunshine, and when the going gets tough (and terrifying) you’d better get going.

Aside from the original game, Bundle of Terror also includes the Whistleblower DLC. Playing as Waylon Park, the software engineer who first emailed Miles Upshur and other journalists, you’ll experience the terrors of Mount Massive Asylum firsthand as you work to uncover the terrible truth.

Like most excellent horrors you’ve got no means of fighting back in Outlast, meaning your only choices are to run and hide – and you’ll be doing it a lot.

Both the game and its DLC contain extreme and graphic violence, gore, sexual content, and strong language, so be sure you do your research before grabbing it for yourself..

There’s no word yet on Outlast 2, but we’ll keep an ear and an eye out.

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