OnePlus 6 is an coming With Better Screen Design & Much More

It looks like OnePlus’s next flagship will come with everything. At least that is what indicates the benchmark ranking of AnTuTu. In addition to bringing the Snapdragon 845, it should have notch screen. The information, which was leaked by Android Central, shows that OnePlus 6’s score surpassed that of the previous champion, Mi Mix 2S.  Update: The notch was confirmed by a spokesperson, who promised that it will be worked out carefully.

Along with this information, came the other specifications of the phone. The new device must run the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, which is not surprising given the brand’s history of always bringing the latest processor on the market.

OnePlus 6: screen

In an interview with The Verge, Carl Pei, a spokesman for OnePlus, confirmed the existence of notch on the brand’s next smartphone, and even made a defense. According to him, the implementation of notch in OnePlus 6 will not disappoint, as in other cases, because it will be done in a more thoughtful and careful way.

The brand has tested the top 1000 apps on the Play Store to find out which ones need a notch compatibility version. OnePlus also switched the clock to the left, leaving more room for the other icons. Also, the promise is that the notch will be disguised every time a video is being played – that’s one of the biggest criticisms of the notch.

The OnePlus 6 notch will be smaller than the iPhone X, but larger than the Essential Phone.More specifically, the measures given by the spokesperson are 19.616 mm x 7.677 mm. The notch will be accompanied by a 19: 9 screen, because the screen will also bring information on the sides of the notch. That is, it is as if it were an 18: 9 screen, but with a little play for the notch. We’ll see.

Notch screen, a plague?

OnePlus 6: design

Still regarding the design, another feature that has already leaked is the glass back. This is a novelty as it will be the first OnePlus to present the material since the OnePlus X. In addition, the back of the device still must bring a fingerprint sensor, accompanied by dual cameras. The edges on the screen should be minimal.


Will we see more than one version of OnePlus 6?


A photo posted by Evan Blass, we can see an interesting texture on the back of the device.This indicates that perhaps OnePlus will market more than one variation of the device, featuring both the glass-like and wood-textured versions.

Another question regarding the design that we can see in that image – and which was also confirmed by Carl Pei – is the headphones input. This audio input is slowly disappearing, with most manufacturers releasing new smartphones without it – but with an adapter.

OnePlus 6: price and availability

There is no information yet on the release and price of OnePlus 6. But it is possible that we will see it earlier this year, after all, information like this one on OnePlus 5 last year came about 1 month before its release , in June.

The lack of the 3.5mm connection does not please everyone, so the OnePlus 6 can make success in that sense.

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