One Piece Bounty Rush Download For Android and IOS

One Piece Bounty Rush Download For Android and IOS

The pirate era has restarted on cell phones and tablets! One Piece Bounty Rush was officially released on Google Play and App Store BR. The game with arenas battles focuses on multiplayer, but wrecks when it comes to accessibility, interface and good design for player progression.

The game is free, and does not escape the rule of freemium games. You will have to collect characters, evolve them and so on. But the highlight is the mechanics of combat.

This time, Bandai Namco was successful in offering multiplayer combat in real time. It looks like a mix of MOBA and Paladins (PC). Two teams of four players face each other in an arena. It is necessary to defeat both enemies and detonate the rival bunker.

A good idea very badly made

But in the rest, One Piece Bounty Rush is a colossal disappointment. Everything is very badly done. Starting with the presentation. The game wraps the player with ridiculous questions about what to use (ask if you have “certainty”). And after many screens of “OK”, the player faces another download screen, where you must download the rest of the content.

The beginning of the game is disastrous, with unbalanced matches and little access to interesting characters. The commands do not respond correctly because the movement is half truncated.

One Piece Bounty Rush will at least please fans of the franchise, there are many classic characters to collect and evolve. Combat mechanics is a blessing, but it needs many improvements and upgrades to work right. The interface also needs a refresh. There is a lot of information on the screen, like messages and menus that cover where the enemies are, making gameplay difficult.

Download Link on iPhone and iPad

Link to Download APK

Link to Download the game on Android

Developer: Bandai Namco 
Advertising: No | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 9.0 
Language: English | Size: 45 MB (197 MB additional)

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