Oceanhorn 2: New Gameplay Video at GDC 2018

Oceanhorn 2: New Gameplay Video at GDC 2018

The TouchArcade website staff is in San Francisco (California, USA) at GDC 2018, a game developer’s fair. Among the various games they could play first hand (access their channel to see more) is  Oceanhorn 2 . The game was running on an iPad showing all its glory. Check out.

According to the interview, the developers made it clear that the game is still in development and that they do not have a right date for its release. They also reported that they are working to optimize the game, improve framerate, these things.

Apparently Oceanhorn 2 – Knights of the Lost Realm may not arrive this year. And if it arrives, it might be released just at the end of the year for iPhone and iPad.

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