Nintendo does not Rule Out More Partners to make Mobile Games

Nintendo does not Rule Out More Partners to make Mobile Games

They remain committed to launching between two and three titles for smartphones each year.

It’s been more than two years since Nintendo officially announced that it was focusing on developing titles for smartphones, and that was specifically in 2015 when they revealed that they would make mobile games for their great sagas.

Since then some important launches have been launched, however, the thing is not going to stay there and, in fact, the Japanese company intends to go a step further in terms of finding more partners with whom to produce this type of software. This is revealed by Serkan Toto, who explains that Tatsumi Kimishima has officially confirmed in Japan in an interview with the Diamond Online website that, apart from DeNa, he would seek the help of another study if necessary, although it has not yet been made public if this It is a firm decision.

That, yes, does not mean that they are not very satisfied with this study, but they do estimate that it can not be ruled out to seek help to maintain the rhythm of launching between two and three video games a year and maintain the support of those already existing.

The latest project announced by Nintendo for smartphone devices is Mario Kart Tour that will also bet on the free-to-start model.

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