New Ragnarok Android game For PC & Windows – Free Download

New Ragnarok Android game For PC & Windows - Free Download

At ChinaJoy 2018, Tencent Games has announced many new mobile games. But one of the big surprises would be Ragnarok Online: Love At First Sight (传说 传说: 爱 如 初见). A joint effort between Tencent, Dream² and Huanle Entertainment, the design and graphics of the new game reminiscent of Ragnarok Online: Guardians Of Eternal Love (RO: Guard 传说 永恒 的 爱), previous game of the franchise.

As you can see in the game trailer, the controls are very different this time, choosing to use an action RPG control setting, with analog and buttons. Players can still expect the classic features like cities, class advancements, costumes, mounts and more. New features include a day and night system, climate change, climbing, special encounters and PVP for 20 players. We’re sure there’s more to announce, stay tuned for updates!

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