New iPad Pro has Xbox One S Graphics

New iPad Pro has Xbox One S Graphics

In the presentation of the New iPad Pro 2018, held today (30). Apple made one more of its famous comparisons. Jon Ternus, Apple’s vice president of hardware and engineering, said “iPad Pro offers graphics performance of the Xbox One S level in a much smaller package.” Really?

Fake … just do not

It’s a fact that Apple always gives a “makeup” on their numbers. It is not that the company speaks a lie, but in reality, it may be referring to another fact.

For example, when it was said that the iPad Pro 2018 has graphics of the Xbox One S level (the S, not the X), it may be referring to the new GPU.

With 7 cores, the new GPU promises to perform tasks previously impossible on the mobile as Tessellation, something done in the “gambiarra” in some techdemos. This technology reduces the effect of flat textures, giving depth (and volume) to objects. The result is more realistic textures, porous and without the impression of being “flat”.

The end result, mobile games are on a completely different level. Check out an excerpt from the presentation where it is demonstrated NBA 2k19 in the iPad Pro, the same game of the Xbox One S, is not the mobile version.

According to Apple, the new tablet has about 2X the previous performance in graphics capacity. It does not reach the graphics level of the current generation of consoles, but I’ll tell you, it comes pretty close. It’s something between the generation of Xbox360 / PS3 and the current (Xbox One S / PS4).

What is more scary, is to remember that this new processor the Apple A12X Bionic, will be the heart of iPhones next year. Will we see more conversions of PC games and mobile consoles in 2019?

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