NetEase Unveils New Games and Great Plans for eSports

NetEase Unveils New Games and Great Plans for eSports

NetEase, the producer behind mega-successes in Brazil as Rules of Survival and Knives Out, games with more than 100 million downloads each, are with monstrous plans for 2018. At a recent event, held on February 7, the publisher has revealed that it plans to launch no fewer than 7 new Battle Royale-style games. That’s right, SEVEN! In addition to other titles.

Two of these Battle Royale games are already mentioned here on the site. One is the PC version of Knives Out, the other is Quantum Special (量子 特 攻), a game more like Fortnite.

Below, you check out the trailer for two new NetEase games for 2018. The first one is Operation Windclound Island.

The other game that received a trailer at the event was Island Strikes , a game that looks like a mix of Battle Royale and MOBA.

NetEase has ambitious plans. But this is not the first time the producer has invested heavily in eSports. NetEase has already developed a MOBA based on the famous Chinese story of the Three Kingdoms. The game did not go very well because it came in a time when 5v5 combats were already becoming popular.

This time NetEase wants to go further. At the event, the $ 160 million investment was confirmed with tournaments in more than 100 different cities in China. The company said it will strengthen its efforts with eSports in North America, Europe, and other Asian countries.

This is not everything! About $ 47 million will also be set aside to prepare and support streamers and online shoutcasters in the form of annual profitable training and contracts. This is part of the “AllStar” initiative to recognize all eSports industry personnel. Note that this multi-million dollar project is based on NetEase’s self-developed titles.

We talk about this because NetEase has a close relationship with Blizzard in China. So do not be surprised to see some surprise related to these two producers in the future.

Source: MMOculture

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