NetEase Registers New Games Brands for Android (2018 and 2019)

NetEase Registers New Games Brands for Android (2018 and 2019)

NetEase Games is at full throttle. The Chinese game producer has already brought fantastic games to the West and the expansion will not stop anytime soon. The company has just registered a number of games with names in English, which indicates that the games will arrive between 2018 and 2019 in the match, including Brazil. Check out.


Nostos (not mobile)

Nostos has already been revealed previously. The game will be an open world MMO in VR that will be exclusive to PCs. There is no information that the game comes to the mobile. Anyway, check out the trailer above.

Ride out Heroes

Ride out Heroes may be a renaming of the King Of Hunters game, which is in testing in Brazil and has never been released globally. You can check out the game on Android.

Mage Supreme

There is not much information on this game. All we know so far is that there are employees who worked on the game from June to September 2018.

Storm Arena

Storm Arena could be Hyper Arena, futuristic footprint game that NetEase released in a beta test closed a few months ago in China. The game has as a highlight bet on new gameplay mechanics and get away from the hero style based on mythologies and medieval things.

However, there is the possibility that Storm Arena is actually Operation Stormy Island, a game we have already shown here that mixes Battle Royale with anime and RPG.

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