Naruto Online: New Ninja Game for Android (APK)

Naruto Online: New Ninja Game for Android (APK)

Naruto Online (OL) is the new ninja game coming to cell phones in late 2018. The title is an RPG with turn-based battles and jaw-dropping graphics. Although being in Chinese is a very easy game to play. Here’s how to Download APK and play it on your phone.

The game is the same one released for PC a few years ago, but it has gained a rebound. The Tencent version has 3D animations with much higher quality. In addition, there are anime scenes.

Despite being in Chinese, the game is very easy to play. There are automatic missions and meeting the goals of the game are very easy. The positions of the menus and skills are the same as the PC version. Any questions, just consult some video of the version for computers.

Naruto Online (OL) is the missing game for ninja fans. A nice addition since Naruto Mobile (2016). One of the most downloaded mobile games of all time.

How to download Naruto Online on Android

Naruto Online: New Ninja Game for Android (APK)

To download Naruto Online, just go to the official website of the game. Through it, you will always download the updated APK. No need to search on Google Play, this game was released only in China.

Just tap the central button on the game page to start the download. To play, you must have WeChat installed on your phone.

Link to Download APK

Developer: Tencent 
Advertising: No | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.4 
Language: Chinese | Size: 1 GB

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