Morbid Puzzler ‘Death Coming’ Pushed Back to March on iOS, Android Version Announced

It’s a good day for good news in the world of Android gaming, as not only is the long-awaited Android version of Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition now available but today NEXT Studio has announced that they’ll be bringing their critically acclaimed puzzler Death Coming to Android in addition to iOS. We first learned that Death Coming would be getting a mobile version in early January following its well-received launch on Steam the previous November. Originally planned for release this month on iOS only, NEXT Studio needs just a bit more time to finish up the port and so the iOS version will be pushed back to some point in March. This extra time also allows them to work on the Android port which will follow not too long after the iOS release in the second quarter of 2018.

Death Coming is a dark puzzle game that sees you starting the game with your own demise and then being given the position of Death’s assistant. This means you need to facilitate the deaths of other people to collect souls for your new boss, but you can’t just go murdering people outright. You’ll need to make it look like some sort of freak accident, which means manipulating objects in the environment to create a hazardous and deadly situation for whatever hapless folks might be milling about. It’s a pretty morbid premise and I mean that in the best way possible. I love the idea of setting up some elaborate course of events that lead to a Final Destination-style complex death scene. A more specific release date and pricing information should be coming soon but for now, just keep an eye out for Death Coming on iOS sometime in March and on Android in the months that follow.

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