Modern Combat Versus gets update with support for controls and more

Modern Combat Versus gets update with support for controls and more

Modern Combat Versus has won an update on Android and iOS that supports bluetooth controls. In addition, the game has gained new ways and finally support clans. The update has arrived in Android and iOS. As in the launch, it already generates controversy among the players. Check out the news.

New Modes

Modern Combat Versus won the new battle mode in teams, but this time in the deathmatch style and no zone control.

About zone control, Gameloft has added a small slide at the beginning of the game that explains how the mode works. One big help, because one of the main problems of the game was “to communicate badly with the players”. There was no clear explanation of how zone control mode works. A SERIOUS design flaw that was thankfully corrected.

The game also received the long-awaited support for Bluetooth, USB controls and using proprietary connections such as the Moto Z Snap.

The Leagues system was “improved” (this according to the producer). But in reality what happened was a rebalancing and many players have lost hundreds of trophies.

No optimization on Android

But unfortunately, the game continues with serious optimization issues on the Google platform. This is by far one of Gameloft’s most DISASTERY releases. One of the company’s worst games in terms of optimization.

As we mentioned before, there are no excuses for the lack of polish in the Android version. It would be the company equivalent to launch a multiplatform game for the PS4, and it is unplayable on Xbox One.

Even phones that meet the specifications of the game, run it with some drop in the frame rate here and there. Which makes the game unfeasible, because MC Versus is a very fast action game.

And sad, but it seems that MC Versus is one that was even though only for PC and iOS.

More focus on “Pay to Win”

Unlike Modern Combat 5, Versus has a much more aggressive and appealing monetization system. The more expensive characters are ridiculously stronger and they are almost impossible to be won via free boxes.

Agent Revolt is the newest member of the team and she has literally gotten a bullet. Its gameplay is very reminiscent of Overwatch Reaper. The next agent will be Seven, and we can wait for another “appeal” in the game.

And these are the news of the MC Versus update. Unfortunately, the game still only good on iOS and PC. On Android, only those who own a top-of-the-line smartphone can run the game smoothly. However, still with the graphics spiked at least.

Link to Download the game on Windows 10

Link to Download the game on iPhone and iPad

Download Link to Android

Developer: Gameloft 
Advertising: No | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.0 / iOS 9.0 / W10 
Language: English | Size: 2 GB

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